Laura Speed lost 26lbs, 14.5 inches, and dropped 6% body fat.!

 “I started gaining weight when I was working full-time at an 8 hour a day desk job and also going to law school in the evening for 3 hours. My day consisted of sitting at a desk for 12 hours and grabbing fast food because I was always so busy. A few years ago, I hurt my back. My doctor and physical therapist both told me I should lose some weight to help with the pain. So I joined True Fitness Boot Camp. Once I lost the first five pounds, I could already feel a difference.

True Fitness Boot Camp has a comprehensive program – between going to boot camp three times a week and participant in the Nutrition Challenge – I learned that it is not just about exercise but about eating right as well. Sticking to the program made a huge impact and in my first 4 weeks I lost 17.4lbs! Today, I am down a total of 26lbs., 14.5 inches, and I dropped 6% body fat all in 8 weeks!

True Fitness has a great group environment; everyone really encourages each other on our fitness and health goals!”

-Laura S.


Nicole Elkins lost 44.6 lbs. in just 2 months!

"For the first time I LOVE how I look. I love every single inch of me and love how I feel comfortable in my own skin for once. It's an amazing feeling and I wouldn't have gotten there without the boot camp. For once I feel like if I lose another inch it's for me and no one else. My trainer was great! Everyone sees results no matter what fitness level they start with. He was great at modifying the exercises for those with injuries which still allowed them to get the same results as someone who does not have them."

-Nicole E.


Brittany Wells went from 23.5% body fat to a low 17% in boot camp!

“As an overweight teenager though my 20’s, I have struggled to find ways to lose and maintain a “goal weight”. At my heaviest I weighed close to 180 lbs and wore a size 15-16. I managed to accomplish some weight loss on my own; but skipping meals and routinely moving from one machine to another at the gym was not enough to keep me interested or challenged and I never stuck to a plan. I needed someone to make me accountable for my decision of a healthier me.


I started with True Fitness Boot Camp in May 2012 as a referral from a co-worker. Terence has helped me transform my body and my outlook on living fit using different workout techniques. In almost a year I have NEVER done the same exercise twice.  He consistently mixes things up, keeps me on my toes and always manages to find a new muscle to “feel the burn” each week. Since beginning my adventure with True Fitness Boot Camp, I have lost 6.5 inches, my body fat percentage dropped to a low lean 17% and I gain about an average 2 lbs of muscle each month. The improvement I have in my health shows up at work, at home with family and whenever I look in the mirror. The workouts aren't easy, but each completed workout is a positive affirmation of my decision to take better care of myself. I'm so grateful to have found Terence and True Fitness.”                                           

-Brittany W.


Dani Bowron lost 30lbs.!

"I decided that I wanted to make a big change for my 40th birthday and set off on personal weight loss journey. After losing about 40 pounds by walking and watching what I ate I decided to try True Fitness Boot Camp because I had hit a plateau and knew I needed to add some strength training into my routine. Since then I have spent 12 weeks with Terence and have lost another 30 pounds.

When I started with Terence he had us jogging for warm ups which was difficult for me and after 12 weeks of training I was confident enough to run a 5K. I receive so many compliments now and I am even starting a small training group at work. Thanks to Terence I am more confident and I look and feel better.  He communicates with us and keeps us accountable to our weight loss goals. I am signed up for another 6 weeks and hope to hit my final weight loss goal of 80 pounds by my 40th birthday. I highly recommend Terence as a partner and teacher for those trying to lose weight and become more fit!"

-Danelle B

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Rosalind Franks lost 21.6lbs and dropped 15 inches in just 8 weeks!

"For the past 10 years I have been trying to get healthy and fit on my own. I had a small amount of success, but could never achieve the level of fitness that I desired. My husband and I do some ballroom dancing and I didn't have the stamina to do samba. I would just run out of energy before a song was over. I was very frustrated, so I decided to give boot camp a try. I have been attending boot camp since October. My first month was painful, many days I just wanted to cry because of my inability to complete the exercises. Every month I get stronger and more fit, I love it. I can do all of the things that I have wanted to do and I have more energy than I have ever had. I can dance samba, I can carry my own 16' kayak, and I can hold the plank position in yoga as long as I need to.

Boot camp is the only organized activity I have found that lets me workout at 5 am. I used to just ride my bike alone in the dark; boot camp is so much more fun. Terence is a terrific trainer; he makes sure that we exercise our whole body, building strength and stamina. We have a great group of people that give each other support. This program made me realize that I couldn't achieve my goals through exercise alone; I also had to modify my diet. With True Fitness Boot Camp, I am down a total of 24lbs, dropped 2 dress sizes, and shredded 20.25 inches! I will be a boot camper for life, and fit for life as well."

-Rosalind F.


Kim Wells lost 32.7 lbs. and 20.75 inches at True Fitness Boot Camp!

Here's A little motivation. This is the one and ONLY Kim Wells! She has dropped over 32lbs. and has lost over 20 inches!  Kim has always been a fan of running.  As you can see in her before picture it was something she has always enjoyed.  She decided to step up her game and joined True Fitness Boot Camp!  She's learned to eat healthier and developed an addiction to triceps dips, planks, squats, and other strengthening exercises.  She takes what she learns in camp to wherever she goes, even if it's on a cruise boat!  This mama is winning the game against the time!  She challenges our younger campers to keep up with her!  This transformation has brought out another side of Kim. Her athleticism has increased tremendously and continues to soar!  So keep an eye for this #fitspiration!


Guadalupe Gomez lost 22lbs. in 8 weeks!

"True Fitness Boot Camp is a great way to get in shape, lose weight and increase your endurance.  Terence is an amazing trainer that is very knowledgeable about health and fitness and makes each session a fun yet challenging workout. When I first came to boot Camp, I was at the heaviest I had ever been, I hadn't set foot in a gym in YEARS, and was completely unmotivated. I was intimidated and scared I wasn't going to be able to do any of the workouts or be able to keep up with the rest of the class. My sister was getting married in a couple of months and I was a bridesmaid so I needed results QUICKLY.  In the first 8 weeks, I lost 22 lbs and lost inches all over but especially in my waist and my hips. So far I have lost 32 lbs and with Terence's guidance and training I have no doubt I'll achieve my fitness goal.

Terence is encouraging and he pushes us out of our comfort zones so that we can achieve maximum results.  He always creates an inviting and comfortable space for everyone and the workouts are constantly changing and challenging your body.  I love the fact that we do combinations of exercises to work out various muscle groups in one exercise. Our groups are small and Terence modifies exercises to accommodate personal fitness levels. He's very approachable and really wants to help each individual achieve their fitness goals.  I have seen such amazing results and am very grateful for all the knowledge and information Terence has given us because it has totally made me change the way I see exercise and nutrition and what it means to take care of my body and my health. I highly recommend True Fitness Boot Camp to anyone who is serious about becoming a healthier individual. Thanks Terence!

-Guadalupe G.


Danielle Berger lost 30lbs.!

 "I slowly began gaining weight from eating too much and just sitting in front of the TV.  It was a habit I began to form to help me distress from the long hours at work. It didn't bother me at first, but my family members started struggling with many medical issues related to their weight.  I didn't want to be overweight and have those same issues.  I knew at this point I needed to lose the weight while I was still young in order to live a happy and healthier life.

I initially signed up for the Nutrition Challenge and dropped 20lbs. in just 8 weeks!  The weight loss made me feel ready and confident to start the boot camp. I lost an additional 10lbs. and gained muscle while participating in the boot camp! I love challenges and the workouts are never the same!  But what really helped me was the motivation and congratulations from Terence, Nicole, and fellow boot campers when I reached my goals.  It feels good to let people know I've lost 30lbs. by hard work and dedication!"

-Danielle B.


"If you are ready to start that journey toward better health and fitness, True Fitness Boot Camp is where it's at.  Don't let the boot camp name scare you away.  No matter what fitness level you start at, the atmosphere at True Fitness makes you feel welcome and wanting to come back for more even if you can barely get through the first workout.  The trainer is knowledgeable and experienced and every workout is a challenge no matter what fitness level you are at.  

What sets True Fit apart from other exercise programs is that it offers a unique and refreshing way to get in shape. The workouts encompass whole body movements that give you maximum results and don't waste your time.  Each week is a different routine which keeps the sessions fresh and challenging.  An extensive pre and post body/weight evaluation is done every month so you can easily monitor your progress. One of the things I like best is the smaller class size which creates a supportive, fun, and friendly environment. There are also great incentives, discounts, and promotions that keep the cost affordable.  

No matter if your goal is weight loss or a new challenge to stay fit, True Fitness Boot Camp has what you're looking for.  I've been working out at True Fit for three months now and am so pleased with my fitness progress.  I will continue to work out with the awesome trainer even after reaching my weight loss goal."
-Ali B.

"A few months ago, I got a great deal from True Fitness so there was no way I could pass it up. It was about time I did something about weight loss. I've wanted to do something with a trainer for awhile, but have always put it on the back burner. I have had a gym membership for years and never use it because I find it extremely hard for me to motivate myself. True Fitness Boot Camp is great because it's with a group and an experienced trainer, and its great motivation. I went from dreading working out to now enjoying working out and I look forward to the boot camp sessions. In the first month, I lost over 12 pounds and this boot camp is a great tool for the long run if you want to succeed at whatever you want, whether it's fat loss or just getting fit, either way you will be pleased. Terence will keep you moving and keep you on your toes, and I recommend this boot camp to anyone."
-Nicole M.

"Although, I understood that regular exercise is surely to improve my health, my lack of weight loss really bothered me. I realized that it was my eating habits standing in the way of me reaching myweight loss goalsand I decided to do something about it. Thanks for all your help. I have since, lost 15 pounds so far, with another 20 or so to go.
-J. Nunnele

"When I first signed up for the boot camp, I was skeptical and didn't know what to expect. Would the trainer be able to keep me motivated? Would I lose weight? Well I am proud to say that I was pushed and kept on track. The training techniques were intense. I look forward to training again at he boot camp in the near future to complete my goal. Thank you True Fitness Boot Camp!"
-Blanca A.

"I had so much fun doing the Boot Camp! I learned to love working out and have fun doing it.  Along with learning new things about my body and what I can do, I made lots of really good friends along the way!  Our trainer, Terence, was always changing the workouts with new exercises, which kept us challenging ourselves.  Because of True Fitness Boot Camp, I lost 17 lbs and am continuing to work out with the new friends I made!"
 -Robin Z.

"Terence is great at personalizing the workout for me and working on my needs.  He listens to my concerns and finds the best way to help meet my goals.  I have worked with other trainers and they have always blown off my concerns.  Terence also helps with nutritional advice. He doesn't push supplements but if you ask his opinion he will give you a honest answer, if he can't answer right away he will research and get back to you.  Terence is not just my trainer he has become my riend.  When we started together I weighed 311 lbs.  I am down to 260 and still working hard."
-Diane H.

"From a couch potato to boot camp. It was and is truly a great experience. The trainer is motivating and challenging at times. I love it. I feel energized and have dropped 60lbs since I started with boot camp and working with my trainer."
-Rafaela C.

"After have my baby I decided I wanted to finally start getting into shape. I have always said that in the past and had a gym membership and barely used it. I needed someone to show me exactly what I needed to do to help me lose weight on the parts of my body that I needed. I found True Fitness Boot Camp and was soooo impressed! I saw result quick and felt great after each class. Knowing that I came do what I needed to do instead of walking into the gym and not knowing what the heck to do or where to start. Terence will guide you and push you to better yourself. Every since I tried True Fitness Boot Camp  I am still motivated to workout and not let my body go and that is all cause Terence taught me how to do that. The price is very reasonable and will being signing up again for the Jan 9th class. I am super excited!"
-Jessica R.




Angelica Gomez went from a size 14 to a size 6 with True Fitness Boot Camp!

"I was unhappy with the way I looked and felt. It was affecting a lot of aspects in my life. I wanted to look good and feel good about myself. More than looking good, I wanted to get fit and not feel so tired all the time so I could do more stuff with my boyfriend and friends. After the first 8 weeks with True Fitness Boot Camp, I lost 28lbs! I went from a size 14 to a confident size 6! Thanks to True Fitness, I not only look and feel the way I always wanted to feel but I’m also living and enjoying life to the fullest!"

-Angelica G.


Sheila Kolla-Johnson went from a size 14 to a confident size 6!

"Gaining weight was never a goal, it just happened. I got really lazy and didn't pay attention to what I was eating, nor did I exercise as much as I should have. I never pushed myself to change my lifestyle. My health was not a priority, and it showed by the weight I gained over the years. It was definitely a low point to have weighed as much as I did at that point in my life. I gained the weight consistently over a three year period.

My motivation to get healthy came when I was offered a new job. My job required that I be confident (speaking to others, testifying, forming relationships), and I found that I just was not confident in the way I looked, and that translated into how I felt. I knew I needed to change this, and exactly three weeks after starting my new job, I was able to find True Fitness Bootcamp. 

The exercise program that True Fitness Boot Camp maintains is focused on the body, and the mind. When I first started with True Fitness Boot Camp, I never thought I'd be able to do various things, like planks, burpees, or a lot of push-ups. I guess I was always afraid to try as I didn't know what I was doing. With True Fitness Boot Camp, the fear just went away. I quickly realized that with the proper mindset, and with a great support group, I figured there was no harm in trying. Months later, I now know I can push my body and achieve the results I want without a machine or with the use of weights.  Apart from losing weight, inches, and building muscle, the biggest goals I achieved were increasing my self confidence, and running a 100 miles in one month. It was a lofty goal but I did it. I was able to run 6 days a week, increase my speed, and finish my goal of running 100 miles in one month. A year ago, I never thought I would be able to do such a thing. But with the motivation of my peers in True Fitness Boot Camp, I did it!" 

-Sheila K.


Dulce Balderas lost 5.5% body fat, 14lbs. and improved her overall fitness level!

 “I used to play soccer to stay in shape, until one day I had a knee injury and had to stop playing for several months. During that time I gained weight. My clothes weren’t fitting the same and I no longer liked the way I looked. I joined True Fitness Boot Camp July 2013. Since then I’ve lost 14 lbs., dropped 5.5% of my body fat, and improved my overall fitness levels.

The constant changing workouts have helped me reach my goals! One thing I really like about True Fitness is the incentive programs they have. Their flexibility with my schedule helps keep me going! Thanks to True Fitness Boot Camp my body looks and feels better than before I had kids!”

-Dulce B.